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Conference Calendar

In order to provide you with the latest on the program and planning of the Nineteenth International Conference on Grey Literature, a Conference Calendar is provided below. The calendar contains important due dates for authors as well as conference participants and will be periodically updated and maintained for your convenience.


February 6th Announcement and Call for Papers
April 15th Call for Papers Closes
May 5th Program Committee meets in Pisa, Italy
May 12th
Authors notified of their place on the Conference Program  
May 15th Call for Posters opens
September 15th  Close Early Conference Registration
September 25th Close Poster Submissions  
September 25th Due Date for receipt of the Authors’ PowerPoints  
October  16th  Close Conference Registration  
October 23rd GL19 Conference, Day One – CNR Rome, Italy  
October 24th GL19 Conference, Day Two – CNR Rome, Italy


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