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GreyForum Series 7.1

Open Data for Research and Enhanced Publication
May 25, 2018 National Research Council, CNR
Area della Ricerca di Pisa, Italy

“The GreyForum is a series of onsite and online courses, seminars, and workshops where grey literature provides common ground for information professionals in the process of knowledge transfer”

This forum and workshop is organized by GreyNet’s Resource Policy Committee and the Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI-CNR) in cooperation with Research Data Alliance, OpenAIRE, and DANS, the Netherlands Data Archiving and Networked Services.

This program and training is geared to librarians, archivists, researchers, and other information professionals in government, academics, and business involved in the creation and/or management of research data. Emphasis lies in raising awareness to data access and its potential reuse for science and society. Instructor presentations are delivered in a plenary setting.

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