Video Recordings Online – 20th International Conference on Grey Literature

Twentieth International Conference on Grey Literature
‘Research Data Fuels and Sustains Grey Literature’

Loyola University New Orleans, USA ● December 3-4, 2018




DOI Title / Presenting Author(s) Open Science More than Access to Scholarly Papers / Brian Hitson What Make it Unique? / Lorrie Johnson – A global Alliance Supporting Open Science and Innovations in Discovery / Dobrica Savić The Search Technology Behind WorldWideScience / Abe Lederman IBM Watson / Justin Fessler The Q-Codes: Metadata, Research data, and Desiderata, Oh My! Improving Access to Grey Literature / Melissa P. Resnick Open Data engages Citation and Reuse: A Follow-up Study on Enhanced Publication / Dominic Farace Analysis of folk literature in grey literature from the National Library of China / Cui Yue A Case Study on the Content Curation for Improving Effectiveness of Research Reports / Seokjong Lim The data librarian: myth, reality or utopia? / Silvia Giannini Research Data Management: What can librarians really help? / Yuan Li and Denise Hersey Measuring reuse of institutionally-hosted grey literature / Ayla Stein Kenfield and Elizabeth Kelly Librarians’ Role in GAO Reports / Meg Tulloch Data Management and the Role of Librarians / Plato L. Smith When is ‘grey’ too ‘grey’? A case of grey data / Dobrica Savić On Open Access to Research Data: A DANS Use Case / Emilie Kraaikamp Legal Issues Surrounding the Collection, Use and Access to Grey Data in the University Setting / Kathrine A. Henderson and Tomas A. Lipinski Creating, using, and distributing compliant research data: A model for fulfilling legal and policy requirements / Daniel C. Mack When the Virtual Becomes Reality: An Environmental Scan of the Presence of Virtual Reality and AI in Health and Cancer Care Environments / Marcus Vaska


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