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Welcome to the GreyGuide, the foremost portal and repository for resources in the field of grey literature. The GreyGuide seeks to capture proposed as well as published practices dealing with the supply and demand sides of grey literature. This initiative is undertaken by GreyNet International (content provider) and ISTI-CNR (service provider and system developer). The launch of the GreyGuide Repository took place in December 2013. And in 2014, the GreyGuide further developed as GreyNet’s web access portal. Both GreyNet International and ISTI-CNR are involved in the process of migrating web-based content to the GreyGuide as well as including new content.

Collections in the GreyGuide Repository are now accessible via combined search and browse capability and their metadata as well as full-text content can be harvested online. The GreyGuide Portal is host to a wide range of shared documents, links to affiliate repositories, and other web-based content in the field of grey literature.

Stefania Biagioni (Service Provider) ISTI-CNR Pisa, Italy
Carlo Carlesi (System Developer) ISTI-CNR Pisa, Italy
Dominic Farace (Content Provider) GreyNet International, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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