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GL19 - Poster Series

  • Goggi et al - Providing access to Grey Literature: the CLARIN infrastructure

  • Vaska Giustini and Vycitalova - Strategies for Teaching and Learning About Grey Literature, Including the Dissemination and Exchange of Information

  • Cernohlavkova and Vycitalova -  Istitutional Repository versus National Aggregator

  • GreyNet - International Conference Series on Grey Literature

  • WWS.org - An International Partnership to Improve Access to Scientific and Technical Information and Research Data

  • Doorn et al - Do you want to play FAIR?

  • OpenAIRE - OpenAIRE Advancing Open Science

  • Bartolini et al - Data Visualization of a GL Community: A Cooperative Project

  • Drees, Nekhayenko and Plank - A Survey On Conference Recordings: Video is the new grey

  • EBSCO-GOBI - One stop ... Millions of Possibilities

  • Shin et al - Development of Visualization Search Service Model using Keyword Social Network for R&D Report

  • Biagioni et al - GreyGuide Porta and Repositories "sharing knowledge as early as possible"

  • Farace Frantzen and Smith - Data Papers Project

  • Son et al - Classification Assistance for Korean R&D Project Using Machine Learning Techniques

  • Carlson Schopfel and Vaska - Grey Literature LibGuides or LibGuides about Grey Literature: A Two-Continent Environmental Scan of Common Themes & Trends